Industries We Serve

Our metal bellows and expansion bellows are used in many applications in the following industries:

Closeup of a jet engine, blue sky and mare's tails in the background


  • Fuel Lines
  • Aircraft Ducting
  • Engine Systems
  • Hydraulic Accumulator Systems
Turbines glow at sunrise in the morning mist on a hilltop wind farm


  • Air regenerators (heaters/coolers for internal combustion engines)
  • Nuclear valve assemblies
  • Fuel pumping valve assemblies
Closeup view of a high performance exhaust system, chrome with matte finish


  • Exhaust systems
  • Turbo components
Epic, sunset view of industrial-grade venting and duct-work


  • Factories – hydraulic system fluid and compensation
  • Machinery
  • Pumping
  • Oil filled pipelines
  • Generation plants

Our bellows are custom made to your engineering specifications.


What sets Advanced Bellows apart is our speed and responsiveness. When you bring your project to us, we keep the lines of communication open – answering your calls and email in a timely manner. We’ll even provide weekly reporting to ensure your project stays on schedule.


Advanced Bellows Inc, is certified to AS9100 Rev D standards. It is our goal to exceed our customers’ expectations in quality, delivery, and cost through continuous improvement and customer interaction. We bring 60 years of combined knowledge to assure your order is to print and all specifications are met.